LETTER: Brier is candidate we need and deserve in the 10th Congressional race

Sarah King Reinecker, Spring Garden Township

I am writing to share my thoughts on the upcoming primary election. After comparing Eugene DePasquale and Tom Brier, I am enthusiastically supporting Tom. I have lived in York for 30 years. Over that time, I’ve supported candidates who can be trusted and operate with the utmost integrity. Tom is that person. Eugene, whose political career began in York, is not.

I was shocked to learn how closely Eugene‚Äôs voting record as a state representative in the York County-based 95th District mirrors that of Freedom Caucus and right-wing Trump apologist, Scott Perry, who we desperately need to oust this November. Eugene, in the most consequential vote of his career, voted alongside Perry for the unconstitutional, GOP-backed gerrymandering bill that guaranteed Republicans 13 of Pennsylvania’s 18 seats in Congress. He stole our right to equal representation in government.

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